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Young people affected by homelessness, addiction or abuse are not likely to ask for help. But early intervention with effective, integrated services is critical. And most of the services are available at no charge.

That is why the Nine Network is partnering with the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund to launch an initiative to connect people in our region to needed services. Youth at Risk: Finding Solutions Together will address a range of issues affecting youth from childhood to age 25. The partners will work to create better understanding of the issues and how effective mental health care positively impacts the community.

The Nine Network is providing video classes through the Nine Academy to its Youth at Risk partners so they can learn how to use video to tell their organizations’ important stories. Nine will also organize community conversations on the topic of mental health for young people and launch a website focused on the issue.

If you know a young person at risk, call the St. Louis County Children’s Mental Health hotline at 1-877-928-2929 or 314-628-2929.


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